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Make sure that your email wont get lost in the pile. (Because I receive a bunch of emails every day)

If you are an Author/Publishing Company who wants a review for your book, please label your email “Book review request” 
I accept both physical copies (ARCs) and Epub copies (ebooks) but I prefer the physical ones. Be informed that I don’t accept PDFs because the fonts are too small and I’m having trouble reading them.

If you are going to send Epub (ebook) please send me the following:

  • Cover picture 
  • Blurb. The one you see at the back of the book
  • Other information about the book like genre, number of pages, publication date. 

Have something book related like Book blitz label it “Blitzingworm”

If you just want to say Hi, go ahead ain’t gonna killya’

You can email me at

I wasn’t that busy so I reply to every email right away.

PS. if you will send me physical copies I will definitely prioritized to read them first than eBook copies.