Second Hand Bookstore Haul (December ’18)

You all know how much I love bookstores, they’re are the best place to spend my free time and to escape from life, but recently I tried to refrain from buying new books and tried going to Secondhand Bookstores instead. I have visited Secondhand Bookstores many times before specially when was still a kid. Oh! I missed the first book-sale I’ve been. Though the book are used they’re still in good condition and you might just score some great reads like me to.

Recently, I have purchase a total of 6 books for the book-sale and I am truly happy with all the titles I got. Special mention to my boyfriend Jessie for letting me buy books even though I’m on a book-ban. I love you!

So here are the books I got right before Christmas day.

First i got The Wonderful Wizard of Oz which I’ve been rooting to buy for so long. I have also planned to buy Dorothy Must Die Series but though of of reading the original story first even if I have watch it for a couple of times already. And…of course a book by the great Roald Dahl. I really adored BFG that is why I promised myself to buy more of this writings meaning I will be collecting them next year!

Here’s The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han which I found along with the other two books. This and the other two where on sale, like they are really in low prices! I was slightly indecisive to buy this because I might not find the same UK editions here in the Philippines but my boyfriend insisted because it’s half its original price.

This one is my greatest score that day! As I was trying my luck at the hardbound section because I badly wanted to buy any book by Dan Brown or any LOTR book fro my beboo which I failed to find but found this instead. I did made a second thought because it’s price is way nice for a hardbound book. In fact I don’t have money to buy the brand new.

Last but not the least, these adorable fairy books I found at the children’s book section. They are really small; they were the size of my hands. I immediately picked them us because I am looking for some things I could decorate for my room during spring time, and I am glad i also found an autumn one.  These books contains beautiful illustrations of fairies and a matching poem for each of them.

That’s what I scored from the book-sale, see you again for another Haul!


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