How To Make Your Room A Little Christmasy

One more day before Christmas! Imagine 2018 is almost over, I planned this blog post a few weeks before but since I was really busy with a lot of stuff I have failed to write it early just in time for December 25. Still, I am hoping this blog post will help you guys give your room a little spice this Holidays specially those who are from the other side o the globe which still has 3-2 days to prepare for Yuletide.

Decorating for Holidays might be the easiest thing to do, because we do it every year plus there are lot of Christmas stuff available in the market. Setting aside that there are lot of things to choose from, we should always bare in mind that in buying decorations we should get high quality products we could use again. We should also consider the budget we have.

If you will ask me if I have a specific schedule for shopping I would instantly say “I DON’T HAVE” since I don’t have a big budget for every decoration I did in my room, I usually buy stuff when I have a spare penny which is actually good because sometimes stuff comes into the market timely though it’s quite time consuming.

before anything else, you should choose what colour theme you are going to use for you to know what are going to expose more whether green, blue or red. For this year I have chosen red since I have a bunch of stuff from London (and we all know London mainly use Red and black). It’s okay to use other colours but make use they aren’t that bold.

for my bed side table I just put some Christmas ornaments I got from the mall, a small Cork-board which I pinned the most precious Christmas card I got this year.

Here’s a list of stuff that you could place into your room (I would just attach pictures of my room for you to see):

1. Cork board

2. Mugs

3. Christmas plants like poinsettia, a branch of pine tree, cherries (take note that it’s not need to buy real or living plants)

4. christmas books or any books that are in the colour of the holidays

5. post cards or greeting cards

6. candles

7. cozy blankets and throw pillows

8. stuff toys

9. oil burner to add some festive smell

10. Christmas tree, if you don’t have a tree you could try making using books like what I did and of course don’t forget the gifts!

You should always remember that you don’t have to copy anything from the other just do your thing and make it minimal to avoid over decorating!

here are the photos. Enjoy the Holidays!


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