Best Props for Halloween

Every Halloween, moms are surely out for something brilliant to dress up their kids. Some spend money for fancy costumes from the mall and some do creepy good make up on their faces for trick or treat like me and the rest of my family.

Looking for ideas for creepy get up is quite hard because I know every one of us wanted something unique but we can’t assure that. setting aside get ups or costumes we should also think of the things we could use or carry on our way for trick or treat A.K.A. props.

Pumpkin basket never gets old, I think I have been carrying pumpkin out of the house since my first Halloween, but what if we carry something different something eye-catching?. hmm… any idea?

I never thought balloons are perfect for trick or treat, until my uncle sent me three packs of light-up balloons. So basically this blog post is about this freaking amazing balloon I received from my uncle and also a REVIEW of the product.

Here how it looks like, the packaging is small and fits two balloons inside. I really like the packaging because it’s really informative to buyers. There are lot of instructions and information about the product, the hazards that it could cause to small kids. (Well that’s very important when it comes to buying items for your younger ones).

So here’s an example of the balloon. It’s typically same as other balloons you could get in the market but this one contains a small light inside.

See that small circle on top of it? That’s where the light is located. I don’t know but it looks like the light was tied up inside the balloon so it won’t fall out of the balloon. And for lighting it you just have you pull that black tag at the bottom of it and the MAGIC BEGINS! Easy right?

But here’s the big bonus bout this bomb. Back on the packaging it says it could last up to 15 hours. I know 15hours is long enough for you to use it outdoors especially on Halloween. I know it’s funny but I was keeping an eye if the balloons we inflated could really lasts up to 15hours and it did! More than 15 hours! Yes! That’s right!

I never thought it’s till working until now. Take note that we started using it on November 1 at 7pm and until now (November 11) it’s still working! Amazing right? Though it’s not that bright like at the first time it still nice to put or hang on your room wall as a night-light!

Here are some photos of the balloons up until November 11 (today)

Taken last November 1
Taken last November 5
And this one was taken yesterday November 10

All in all I love this product because the quality is pretty much impressive because it last up beyond the expected time. I really wish I could get more of these next November!

Do you have any suggestions? Just comment below

And thank you for reading my content see on my next blog post!

And also here the link where you could get your own light up balloons for next year



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