Room Tour

When people ask me where do I usually spend my day during weekend ends, I say “in my very own rabbit hole” aka my room.

My room has always been the best definition of relaxation and bliss; it gives me that cozy feeling no matter how much stressful my day is. My true escape from reality where I do spend most of my time, life dramas, my endless day dreaming, reading and of course doing nothing.

I’ll give you a picture of it, for a room mine was pretty much small specially if you have tons of stuff like me. Man, you wouldn’t want to stay in my room because it’s really small. Just imagine a square or a box you’ll get the picture!

My room was never been pleasing  before, it is not like those aesthetic rooms you see on Pinterest or Instagram, mine is just boring; no cute cabinets or even painted walls.

I won’t talk further more, I will just leave you with these photos of my room and my ugly self. For questions or suggestions just let me know by leaving a comment.

Ps. click on to the photo for full view. And also I did a room tour on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL: MELLANIE ANN DUQUE for more detailed room tour



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