Tips to Manage Anxiety and Stress

Life is a great gift from God, a precious gem to keep but somehow it becomes way easy to end because of various reasons one of this is due to having poor mental health. A person’s life is full of ups and downs but mostly downfalls, we normally stumble and fall throughout each journey. There are a lot of obstacles that make it hard for us to survive throughout our existence. It is normal to feel unsecured, stressed and bothered sometime but too much is never been a good thing. Life can also give as stressors or even the people around us, that is why it is very important to stay healthy physically and mentally.

I myself have experience some sort of anxiety especially in times wherein deadlines are coming my way (who wouldn’t stress-out about that? Right?) Even how much lucky and blessed I am for having a loving and caring family, a good company and all the cute things I could have in life, there are still times in my life when I feel down. I worry so much and I have to admit that I am way too passive with every single thing in my life; I stress-out so much about what comes next. I always over think even how much okay my situation is.

I have my first and worst panic attack last December 2017, me and my boyfriend are on the line for my oath-taking ceremony in Baguio City. Everyone has phobias and I have a lot of it, fear of drowning, crowded places but the worst thing I am dealing was my Claustrophobia. My boyfriend accompanied me that day. The place was full of strangers which made me a bit concious. I wish you saw the whole situation that time and maybe you wont be able to breathe either. Before reaching the stairs (which made the situation even worse) I suddenly felt light-headed, I feel nothing, nauseous. I felt like I’m drowning in a sea of people, I’m barely breathing that time. Jessie (my boyfriend) tried to calm me down, but I can’t. Have you seen the slow motion scene from a motive? No joke. I had felt that way, all I could here was my boyfriends voice, that was the most miserable times of my life. I even thought I would die in there. The last thing I know, I was on my knees crying and catching my breath. When I remember that day, i just can’t imagine myself being alone there that is why it is very important to have someone on your side to support and listen to you with all your rants about life.

I am 21 now but I’m still battling with my own demons and my very thankful that I am surrounded by positive and amazing people to support me especially Jessie. I also took time to watch 13 Reasons why even at some point i find it as a Trigger hence, everyone who experience anxiety should take a time or ask themselves before watching it.

I know this blog post will eat up your time upon reading it because it has grown too long now so here are some tips how to manage anxiety and stress (courtesy of







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