The Forgotten Guide to Happiness Blog Tour + Review




Paperback, 320 pages

Expected publication: August 9th 2018 by Avon





Sometimes, happiness can be found where you least expect it…

Twenty-eight-year-old Lana Green has never been good at making friends. She’s perfectly happy to be left alone with her books. Or at least, that’s what she tells herself.

Nancy Ellis Hall was once a celebrated writer. Now eighty, she lives alone in her North London house, and thinks she’s doing just fine. But dementia is loosening Nancy’s grip on the world.

When Lana and Nancy become unconventional house mates, their lives will change in ways they never expected. But can an unusual friendship rescue two women who don’t realize they need to be saved?

An irresistible story of love, memory and the power of friendship that readers of The Keeper of Lost Things and The Lido will adore.



I just finished the book a few minutes ago and still, I am stunned with everything I read. I knew from the very first chapter that this book is something I would enjoy until the last page and to my surprise, I did not expect that I will fall in love with the story itself.

I love the personality of Lana Green, her bitterness and chaotic being makes her unique; I just love everything about her. I personally loved her because mostly every books I read have this cute and sweet start which this book really approved the spice that I’ve been looking for reading. Now, Jack on the other hand turned out mysterious for me because he just popped out like Swoosh! he’s there!. I think every character here is well-built, I did not saw any hole, their characters flowed swiftly and cleanly.

oh my! this is hard! it is really hard to write a review about a good book.. I just can’t fish the right words how I feel about this novel..

The whole concept of this novel is pretty simple but, the author still managed to make it one of a kind story. I think all the writer stuff in here is just perfect for a good novel to write, it turns out really relatable for many because every single thing is quite realistic.

Specially for me, I did find the meaning of this novel really relatable. “The Question is, what will you give up for love?” oh! I love this question, it marked in my head since then. I mean this book really tells something important and truly touching. I have to admit it, I cried, I cried because I have seen myself in this book at so many parts not exactly what the main character have gone through but quite similar with all the decision-making she has to do in her life.

There are a lot of things that you will realized and learn upon reading this book, I really hope everyone get to read this too! I could assure to you that this is not just another cliché story but this one is good for it not just about love, friendship but also finding your true BLISS in life!

All in all I love the book and I highly recommend this to everyone.




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