I am very much grateful how our BLACKOUT POETRY wall turned out today; it is indeed a great success introducing blackout poetry to my dear students. I’ve been noticing how they find writing poems a quite hard task, and I thought of the idea of blackout poetry which I first saw here in #bookstagram (thank you for that fam!) They did enjoy searching for words and all the shading. I wish I have brought more pages for them to use; remember my copy of Angels and Demons that I burned before? I took some of the pages that are still okay for today’s activity. truly proves that there’s always an answer to only needs a handful of great ideas to do amazing things. .

I got comments about my poor book because I used it for blackout poetry but nothing can buy the enjoyment that I saw in the eyes of my students while they are doing it today, it was priceless.

THINGS WE DO FOR LEARNING and CREATIVITY🌌✨ my inner Poetess is shouting for joy.

Enjoy the next photos



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