REVIEW: Lost Nowhere 

Title: Lost Nowhere 

Author: Phoebe Garnsworthy

Genre: Fiction/Fantasy 

ISBN: 0-9954119-9-9

Lily doesn’t like change although it seems to follow her everywhere she goes: change of heart, change of school, change of friends. 

She does a pretty good job at rejecting it every chance she gets, but when she stumbled upon an enchanted world full of crystal stone beaches, mermaids, and witches, everything moves faster than she can even perceive possible. And no one seems to be bothered by it! She has two choices-stay in misery on her own, or learn hot to surrender. 



My first impression about this book is that it’s a magical read; which is 100% yes.

This book is about a father and a daughter; the daughter experiences some sort of anxiety.

The characters are good, though at some parts you might hate Lily (the daughter). But you’ll be amazed how wild her imagination is. I myself was awe how the author make this book, everything in this book enchanting and really interesting… the world the author have created is indeed fantastic.

Mermaids, witches, and anything that is magical will surely stops your world and make you read it slowly to dive into these breathtaking places you are about to travel with the characters in this book.

There are points in this book that will reminds you about the adventure of Alice in the Wonderland. I love how the author come up with that idea on how Lily discovered the places..

The book is really amazing! If you have read fantasies before, this one is different it will surely me you go wild and dream it every night; a story that will surely linger for so long.  Really magical and vividly written. I love the whole concept of this book, this should be read by middle graders.

Though the book is full of magic that will surely supply all your imagination needs. But what makes this very interesting is that I teaches lessons to everyone who will read it. You will learn to love yourself, forgive and move on.

I love how an enchanting read teachers a lesson at the same time. A very wonderful book that you can relate to.



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