we are all born

so beautiful 

the greatest tragedy is

being convinced we are not -Rupi Kaur

As a celebration of #InternationalWomensDay I wrote an essay… 

In the eyes of the Almighty God we are all born equal. Boys, girls everyone. Being a girl isn’t as easy as others may thought; in this world people throw rocks that happens to break us. Women are born equally though we vary in different ways. Eyes; blue, black, green and brown. Short and long hair. And sometimes we are being judged by the color of our skin. They see whites as superior while blacks are not. Let us not be selective on people we care for no matter what color our skin is we are still human beings.  I myself has a fair complexion for my great grandparents in both sides are Spanish. I may have a pale skin that everyone might adore to have. Though my skin is pale I still have this flaws I’ll forever be hated; my freckles are starting to show now, from my cheeks to my nose and down to my collar bone. Sometimes I hated everything about me. Feeling insecure about the things you wanted to change. But in the end I have in carve to my mind that these flaws makes us beautiful; Perfectly imperfect. Everyday we should always remember that we are all beautiful and we have the power to change everything around us. Don’t let other break you instead gather these stones to build stairs to achieve are dreams. Be proud to be a woman!

Greeting every song woman of the world a happy #InternationalWomensDay



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  1. Sarah says:

    That quote is so beautiful! Really nice job on this International Women’s Day post :))

    Liked by 1 person

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