Bullet journaling  📝

I never tried journaling to be exact Bullet Journaling.  Until I read many articles about bullet journaling which caught my attention. Bullet journal is a very fun thing to do plus it will help you organize lot of things, agendas, events, to do list, everything you can do.

I started my #BuJo first month of this year. At first I can’t express myself lol. I think my crafting talent is quite rusty now. Since I started college my time for doing crafts became limited because I have to pay attention with the college stuffs. Even my love for drawing, painting seems have flown away.. but my love for reading never fades.

I have attached some of the parts of my #bujo not including my entry for the month of January (lol because it’s so embarrassing). Here are some of my entry for February.

February first page

On the first page I glued a page of book (angels and demons by Dan Brown) which I did a blackout poetry. And some old pages of news papers.

2nd page.

On this page the events for the month. Inside the hearts you can see the events.

Page 3 and 4

These are two events last foundation day at our school. I’m a bit creative those days lol.


Page 5 and 6

Right is about my night out with my cousin at the carnival and I we had a blast. I haven’t been motivated to do the next page but hopefully this next weekend. 🙂 Stand by for my next bullet journal post!



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