Review: About a Dog 

Title: About a Dog
Author: Richard Bloss

Genre: chapter book
Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers LTD.

ISBN: 978-1786296368


Falling in love is never easy. True love is involuntary. We love because we have to, not because we want to. For middle-aged Richard, the last thing on his mind was to fall in love with a little puppy that he never wanted in the first place.

But life has its own humour. “About A Dog” is a dry, cynical, black, intensively funny, day to day account of how a little dog callBarney somehow becomes Richard’s best buddy, his soul mate, that opens a door to a new universe of affection.

“About A Dog” is a story for every dog lover – and for all those that would like to be. It is a journey about all of us, in our relationships, our life situations, where – in smiling and laughing at Barney – we can look at ourselves.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


I found this book very entertaining. A perfect book not only for dog lovers but to all pet persons. Enjoy reading Richard’s journey with his pets and how they enjoyed each other’s company. There are many points here that is really relatable. It really did made me smile, laugh and nod while reading it. Which will surely give you throwback thoughts about your hard times with your goofy pets. 

It is also perfect for those you just got their pest recently. The book is amazing it can be your guide to a perfect relationship with your dogs, cats what ever pet you have. 

After reading this I have truly understand how pets changes humans, they become part of our lives, they provide happiness and sorrows somehow but being a pet owner is a great thing!

Fall in love with this amazing book! After reading this book you will definitely love your pets even more! I highly recommend this to all. If you are a patent with a kid which a big fond of animals this is a nice book to read to them. This book can provide learning for everyone, we may have different styles and taste when it comes to animals but we should always know their importance in our life. Most of the time they provide company and give love that we don’t usually get back from people around us!  

So, start reading the book and understand your pets more!



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