Christmas Book Haul!

Hello everyone! Happy Holidays to all! Sending you tight warm hugs and kisses!

Sorry for being MIA here on the blog. Life has been busy, currently I’m on my last semester for my last year in college.  I’m teaching grade 8 and grade 9 English. Being a teacher is so fun though I always go home exhausted. But I still managed to post on my Instagram account @no.shelf.control

I have also received review copies lately and I’m still waiting for the others. (I’ll post them soon)

A few weeks before Christmas day I received bookish presents from my cousin. I was too eager to open them all which i end up opening 4 books she sent me. She sent me 9 book in total, tote bags, nail polishes, coloring books, bookmarks and many more!

Here are the books she sent me:

I’m beyond happy for everything she sent me specially the hardbound copy Six of Crows. Why? Because here in the Philippines I haven’t yet spotted a hardbound copy of it. The paperback is not worth for buying tho.

THANK YOU SO MUCH ATE (ate is a word we use to show politeness to girl who is older than us/sister) KAREN FOR THE STUFF YOU SENT ME. I LOVE YOU!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. theboltreader says:

    Oh! MY! I am so jealous,…..


  2. Sarah says:

    I’ve really been looking forward to reading Girl Online lately! Have you finished it yet? (If so did it live up to it’s expectations?)


    1. I haven’t read it yet. But I’m planning to read it before this month ends. 😃 I’ll post my review right away

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