Review: Jodie’s Adventure with Auntie Ann

Title: Jodie’s Adventures with Auntie Ann

Author: Annie S. P. Glynn

Genre: Picture Book

ISBN: 978-1786128386

Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers LTD.

Join Jodie and Auntie Ann on six charming tales of friendship and adventure.

In Jodie’s Ester, the characters explore Arthur’s Seat, before making some beautiful cakes.

Meanwhile Jodie and Ryan’s Visit to the Park sees the gang discovering a group of tadpoles in the local pond.

In the following tale Jodie visits the pet shop, and is amazed at the variety of beautiful aninashe sees. Which pet will she choose to take home?

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐


This book is full of amazing adventures of Jodie with beautiful and colorful pictures that will surely capture the readers… this book is perfect for kids who loves adventures and discovery!  Jodie’s Adventure with Auntie Ann is indeed beautiful, which educates the reader the good things about adventure; it will bring you(as a parent) and your children back from your past adventures which can provide a perfect bonding for the both of you!…



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