Review: Falling for Wonderlust

Title: Falling for Wonderlust

Author: Jane Williams Le Cerf

Genre: Romance fiction

Publisher: Austin Macauley Publisher Ltd.

Pages: 269

Copyright: 2016

ISBN: 978-1785548437 (paperback)


Vivienne Lawrence is catapulted into the world of the rich and famous when she takes on job as Personal Assistant to an extremely wealthy French aristocrat, the Comtesse Celeste Laisalle. Falling for Wonderlust recounts Vivienne’s exploits set against an exotic backdrop of excessive wealth and glamorous locations. But it is also a tale of personal development and self-knowing.

Enjoy exploring the transition from normal everyday living to moving in the circles of the rich and famous and having an almost limitless amount of money to spend but, there is a different price to be paid which becomes apparent as the story unfolds.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


This book is about fame, self-love, freedom, sorrow and happiness. A one of a kind story that will surely make your imagination go wild. Very realistic scenes of life. 

The whole story was very interesting; the synopsis is very catchy. The characters are one of a kind, specially Vivienne and of course Celeste. Vivienne is such a wild woman. A very miserable life turned into something magnificent that changed her from head to toe. Celeste on the other hand, a very wealthy, and impressive woman; dressed with the most expensive clothing.

Vivienne became Celeste’s Personal Assistant. She enjoyed the glamour around her. Money was easy around her, she can buy what every she wants.

This book made me realize that many of our wealthy men might have all the gold in this world but they barely have genuine happiness in life, a power to choose their own path. We the small people are still lucky to be simple and free.

I was shocked about Celeste’s character, though I love how she make the story very interesting to me. In fact all the characters are have very shocking personalities (i wouldn’t crack any clue better read the book to discover).

If you are going to ask me about the setting, well, you’ll definitely enjoy traveling Europe with Vivienne. Fall in love with every place she step onto. Fall in love with Europe over and over again.

The author’s way of writing is very impressive, she didn’t gave me any boring chapter. I really did enjoy every chapter of this book which lead me to finish it for few hours.

Full of lesson in life. One thing that I learned about this book is that, “even you have all the wealth in this world you can never be happy. Happiness is being contented with all the things we have big or small”. Vivienne’s story is very inspiring, read the book and learn from her story.

I highly recommend this amazing book, you will never regret reading it. Get ready to get lost in wealth, and all the wild things in this world.



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