REVIEW: Just Fall by Nina Sadowsky 

Title: Just Fall
Author: Nina Sadowsky

ISBN: 978-0-399-59417-5

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Pages: 286

Genre: mystery


Then: Ellie Larrabee’s life is perfect-at work, at home, and in love. She’s engaged to a man of her dreams, and their future promises nothing but happiness. But moments after saying”I do,” a shocking secret threatens to shatter Ellie’s happily-ever-after. Rob Beauman, the man she just married, hides a dark past beneath his charismatic exterior. And the harrowing truth sweeps Ellie into a vortex of betrayal and uncertainty.

Now: instead of basking in honeymoon splendor on the island paradise of st.Lucia, Ellie’s grappling with a chilling reality: Rob has blood on his ahnds, ruthless people on his trail, and only Ellie standing between him and a lethal fate. He never dreamed his bride would be dragged into his deadly secret life-or used against him. And Ellie never imagined how far she’d go to save the man she loves.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


The first page was very catchy and strange…

I was never been fond of this genre but this book made me believe that they are great reads.  
The chapters were separated to “now” and “then” which I found very fascinating. I definitely love and hate the characters in this book. Characters like Eleanor with gave you pity in your heart but at the same time you will surely hate her for being stupid at some point. 

Rob the husband of Eleanor with mysterious personality will leave you thousands of questions in your mind. 

Each chapter gives answer and questions to readers. 

This novel gave fear on trusting people around me. Even the person you love has the darkest secrets. Even you have darkness inside. Which will remind us that every step we take has various consequences upon fulfilling each, we may not see it now but sooner or later it will hunt you down. 

I am really looking forward for the movie adaptation of this I mean this book is so great not to hit the cinemas. While reading this, it gave me the feeling like I’m watching the movie “salt” all over again. I’m not comparing this to that movie but it is good, really good.

I highly recommend this bloody novel to everyone. I assure you that you will enjoy it from the very first chapter until the last, and I’m afraid to say that you might beg for more chapters…
About the author:

Nina Sadowsky has written numerous original screenplays and adaptations for such companies at The Walt Disney Company, Working Title Films, and Lifetime Television. She was president of Meg Ryan’s Prufrock Pictures for more than five years. She was the executive producer of the hit film The Wedding Planner and has produced and developed numerous other films. Sadowsky is currently an adjunct professor at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, teaching both writing and producing. This is her first novel.




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