REVIEW: Anomaly: The Soul Prophecies 

Title: Anomaly: The Soul Prophecies

Author: Caitlin Lynagh

Publisher: Matador (an imprint of Troubadour Publishing Ltd


ISBN: 978-1-78589-073-4 (paperback)


Alice Lyman has been dead for two years. Thr afterlife is complex, time behaves differently and the deceased Souls have important information concerning humanity’s future. Certain individuals are set to change the world for the better and Alice’s childhood sweetheart, Kyle happens to be one of them. However, Kyle’s grief has set him on a path that can only bring frustration and unhappiness.

Alice needs to find a way to get through to Kyle to put him back on the right path. And if she gets wrong, all could be lost.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


   I couldn’t find the right words to describe such amazing book like this… I’ve been speechless since I finished it yesterday. I’ve been up all night thinking how would I review it. Until now I still suffer from “BOOK HUNGOVER.” All I can say is that, this work is full of amazing stuff.

   The plot is well developed, characters were so real when you read it. Kyle and Alice are such wonderful and very influential people Caitlin have created. Even the Leto family have very interesting story.

   A very extraordinary story about life and afterlife and if you’ll plunge deeply, you’ll definitely get what the author wants you to see and feel, that every decision we make, every word we utter plays an important role in our life. Not only just for ourselves but also the people around us. This book have taught me so much, taught me to look at things in a positive way.

   I highly recommend this to everyone specially those who are in doubt.. this is very inspirational..full of lessons in life, perfect for teens and adults out there seeking for answers in life.

  Anomaly: The Soul Prophecies is such amazing beyond amazing. There are so many inspirational words from the author. Which I wrote down and paste on my door. 

   Alice’s philosophy in life is admirable.. upon reading this you’ll definitely look into life in a different way…better as Kyle’s life have turned out.

  One thing that I learned from reading this is that, we humans are bound to commit mistakes and also bound to learn from each we make. Our past plays an important rin our life, we can’t run from it, ignore it nor try to forget about it because without it we are not what we are right now. Do what makes you happy and share the bliss to everyone around you.

a big thanks to Ms. Caitlin Lynagh and Outlet Publishing for sending me this such great read. I really love it. Until now I can’t believe I’m done reading it. It is such amazing one, good books are mentioned to read for life. 

About the author:

 Caitlin Lynagh was born in Cardiff and has lived (or has relatives) in much every corner of the UK. She graduated from Keele University with an honours degree in Biology and Geology in 2012. Torn between her love for writing and science, a friend suggested that she send her novel ideas to a literary agent, so she did, and Anomaly was born. 

   Caitlin enjoys traveling and recently visited Hong Kong and spent time in the Amazon Rainforest. Caitlin recently won a North West Young Writer’s Grant. She has a blog where she writes book reviews ( and enjoys interacting with fellow readers on social media.

Anomaly is Caitlin’s first novel. There are more to come in The Soul Prophecies series but ither ideas are filling many a notebook, so, hopefully, Anomaly is the first of many.

Twitter: @CaitlinLynagh




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