enough is enough 

For years I’ve been writing poems, until last year I was enrolled with the course Campus Journalism.I was pretty much excited about it. Because I was enrolled with that course I was able to join The Flint (our school’s official school paper) and luckily I was chosen to be the new Editor-in-chief. It’s a great thing to be a part of the editorial board and of course slightly stressful (in fact very stressful).

At the end of the course I got a high rating which is a big relief for all the hardships I did. 

I was so grateful when the adviser told me that I am still the EIC (that was next semester). At that time things get worse than before… 

Yesterday, we had a meeting regarding the school paper. (You wouldn’t even want to know what happened).

When I got home I decided to back out with my writing career at The Flint. why? Because at some point I felt useless knowing that I did all my best to make the whole editorial team intact and everything in order. It’s not that I complain but what would you feel if you did everything and yet in the eyes of others it’s nothing? All they see I already decided, I already quit. I can’t do it anymore, people around me in that group makes me feel that I am useless. I couldn’t take it anymore. All they see is the other person and all they see about me are my flaws. I’ve been working so hard to impress them, did what ever they ask me to do without any excuses but then. 😦

Sometimes when you are not happy with something you have to quit. It is not being coward or anything but it is the best thing you can do for yourself. 

This was the biggest decision I’ve ever made so far. I was so hard for me to let go but I have to. I will never enjoy working with people who are not true to me and see my big efforts as nothing.

I need your advice guys!. 


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