Q and A with Tiffany McDaniel author of The Summer that Melted everything 


I emailed Tiffany for a review copy and she was so kind to send it to me through Netgalley. At first I wasn’t expecting that this novel is such so amazing read. If you haven’t read my review you can read here. I highly recommend this book it made me so emotional. You should read it to this is such an amazing novel.

When Tiff sent the copy to me, I was full of joy when she said that she is also willing to have a Q and A for my blog. (I was quite nervous because this my first time)

So here are the Questions I have asked Tiffany McDaniel along with her answers 

 1 . As a writer how do you motivate yourself to write? Have you ever experienced a slump in writing?

I love writing.  It’s something as natural to me as breathing, so I don’t have to be motivated because I’m lost without writing.  For me, writing isn’t the hard part.  It’s the getting published that is hard.  I wrote my first novel when I was eighteen years old.  I wouldn’t get a publishing contract until I was twenty-nine.  It was eleven years full of hard work, but a lot of rejection as well.  I believed I’d never get published.  I know I’m very fortunate to be in the position I am now, about to see one of my novels on the shelf for the first time. 

2.       Out of the characters of TSME who is your favorite and why?

It’s hard to say my favorite because I love them all.  But I will say one of my favorite characters to write was Sal.  He’s the one come to answer the invitation inviting the devil to town.  Sal is a unique character.  A contradiction even.  An old soul in a young body.  I instantly fell in love with him. 

3.       Where did you get the devilish concept of the book?

I always start writing a new novel with two things.  The title and the first line.  I never set out to write a book about the devil, but writing that first line really determined I would.  I never outline or plan the story beforehand.  The story evolves with each new work day, so as the characters and the plot developed the concept developed as well.  I always say I’m surprised myself as the author where the story ends up going. 

4.       Can you give us tips to motivate us in writing?

Write every day.  Even if it’s just a paragraph.  You have to use that writing muscle just like you have to use any muscle.  If you don’t use it, that muscle goes weak and it’s harder to get back into the groove of writing.  Stay motivated by limiting distraction.  That’s hard in today’s world, but try to dedicate a certain amount of time each day to writing.  The biggest thing would be to never give up.  Like I said, it took me eleven years to get a foot in the publishing door.  It can be a discouraging journey, but never lose hope that you will be published.  Just keep writing.  Keep believing.  There’s no magic in this formula.  There is only hard work and persistence.  

Courtesy of Ms. Tiffany McDaniel 

-thank you so much Tiff for given the opportunity to read and review your book and a bonus Q and A with you. I am grateful to meet such a kind Author like you 


Mellanie x


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