REVIEW: Creepy, Funny and Just Plain Weird

Title: Creey, Funny and Just Plain Weird 

Author: Maranda Russell

Pages: 73 (ebook)

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


I always love reading children’s book even though I am 19 now. (I know it sounds funny but yeah, I really do) this is the first time I read a middle school science or maybe not because when I was in high school I used to read Scooby Doo which have many collections of their adventures. (Oh I still have a copy of it from my high school library lol I forgot to return it.)

This book is a collection of poems and short stories that middle grade schoolers will surely enjoy. It’s not the typical middle school every one might read. Stories and poems have different flavor for kids who looks for new books that can meet their taste. This book will make you feel disgust and at the same time will make you laugh out loud. I’m still amazed how the author make this book irresistible. A book that you’ll make you read it again and again. Even my brother was so in love with this book. Perfect to all ages! 

About the Author:
Maranda Russell is an artist, author, poet,

vlogger, and cat lover who currently lives in

Dayton, Ohio. She enjoys art, cartoons, anime, reading, writing, toy collecting, hiking, spending time with her family, and rescuing stray animals. If you have a comment or question for Maranda, please visit her website,, email her at, or find her on

Facebook! Make sure to check out her book and toy collecting vlog on YouTube too (Maranda’s Toys & Books)!

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