No shelf control bookish tag


▪ Acknowledge me as the creator of this tag
▪Post a picture of a thing you wanted to be and say something about it.
▪Nominate bookish 6 friends to do the tag (if you are not interested to participate it’s okay)

This bookish tag aims to provide bloggers information to know other bloggers personality by writing sort of things.


I am much fond of reading that is why I want you to see me as a book.
I may obnoxious as a dog-eared cover of a book with weary touches; dull as the old printed letters on it. But you cannot judge me unless you open and read me. Each chapter tells my whole personality and each torn pages declares my flaws. The characters are the people around me, they define my laughs ang struggles.
  Upon finishing reading all the printed letting mine you will know me better. But it is not yet the end of me. I can be a real amity that can accompany you each day which you can hold when no one can. Book is the most precious and loyal thing, that is what I am.

I nominate to do the tag:


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