REVIEW: Kindling (Vol 1 and Vol 2) a Writer’s Edit anthology


Kindling by Writer’s Edit

RATING ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I don’t have any idea the first time I read this anthology but when I started to read it, I enjoyed it so much.
(A little background about myself)
As a writer and Editor of our school paper The Flint, I always seek writings about writing. I read books about journalism, news papers from the school library where I tend to read every specifically the Editorial column. This is how I motivate myself to write, I read a lot. All the reading I do is for my whole school paper team. I wanted to look for new things to share with them. My main purpose was to educate them and build a strong motivation to keep them with their writing life. Being a writer not an easy job, specially if you’re the Editor. You have to guide all your writers, motivate them and one thing that always kills me is the editing of articles of my team. It’s not that easy nor too difficult but there always a time that you’ll think about quitting the job.

-reading the Kindling anthology was a great push to me. This anthology is very motivating and inspiring to me and I know to other that have read it already. Kindling provides writers things they must pursue in there writing career. I dream of writing my own books too, who never did? Reading this was a big help for me. Kindling lit up the fire in me to continue my passion in writing. This book is easy to relate to.
Ups and downs we encounter in writing is very common says in this book, which is true all we need to do is to push ourselves to do more better.
There are also collections of prose and poetry that surely you’ll enjoy. Lots of inspirational words from Authors.

This book is a must read for writers and future writers out there. You should read this one. I swear this anthology will make your life different like mine.
I highly recommend this to everyone who are on the writing track and even those who are not. If you are not reading or haven’t read it, you’re missing everything. Everything in this anthology is so great. I’m looking forward for more volumes to come.



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