Review: Dreamology by Lucy Keating


I’m telling you my review might be a little spoiler for you. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you 🙊
Read at your own risk:mrgreen:


For as long as Alice can remember, she has dreamed of Max. Together they have traveled the world and fallen deliriously, hopelessly in love. Max is the boy of her dreams—and only her dreams. Because he doesn’t exist.

But when Alice walks into class on her first day at a new school, there he is. It turns out, though, that Real Max is nothing like Dream Max, and getting to know each other in reality isn’t as perfect as Alice always hoped.

When their dreams start to bleed dangerously into their waking hours, the pair realize that they might have to put an end to a lifetime of dreaming about each other. But when you fall in love in your dreams, can reality ever be enough?

Young Adult | Contemporary | Romance | Fantasy Fiction | Science fiction | Fantasy Paranormal
Courtesy of Goodreads


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I don’t even know where to start. Well, the first thing that catches my eye is the book cover, not the synopsis actually. I know it sounds stupid to choose a book because of its CUTE cover, SUPER CUTE cover. (Let me say it again) The book has a CUTE cover.
But guys, you have to admit it to yourselves, you experienced that

cover buy scenario

(sometimes I buy book by it’s cover😂😂)

Move on with the cover thing..(or should I say that to myself haha)

Another thing is, the title. DREAMOLOGY, sound so enchanting, isn’t it? I wonder where on earth did Lucy Keating get that title. Sound so odd but gosh it’s so charming. I bet it’s one of Lucy’s spell. Lucy are you a witch? Because definitely you put me under your spells, until now.

The book title is very important. For me, the more odd the title is the more interesting it is. I will give you a high five for that Lucy!;)

Let’s discuss about the characters..

ALICE – I’m so speechless when I read the first chapter. It’s hard to unravel but there something with Alice that made the whole story colorful. I swear I didn’t found any boring parts of this book.
Alice have the most vivid dreams ever. Well I never dreamed like her that’s why I loved the it.

Max – and of course Max Wolfie, the man of my dreams😂 I mean Alice’s man of her dream. I really love him. I know, I know he’s a fictional character, but I’m still hoping Lucy will send me my VERY OWN MAX WOLFIE. Guys he’s so sweet, my gosh he’s so cute.
He and Alice know each other ever since but just in their dreams. Max personality in reality is really different but you’ll still gonna love if.

OLIVER – trouble maker, but he’s kinda friendly and very funny.

SOPHIE – she’s Ali’s best friend. I love it when they said they have clones when they are apart. It made me miss my best friend even more:(

-this book made me want to dream like Alice, though sometimes I dream like that. The story is very unique, this is the first time I read a novel about dreams. Dreams are very interesting topics, like what’s the meaning of this and that. This book will make you think why do you dream about a person. (It made me thing, really it did)
The best part is when Max Broke up with Celeste (believe it or not, I laughed at least 5 times, which made me look insane) and of course the day Oliver and Alice when to the park with Jerry (Ali’s dog) that was so fun. When Oliver handed Alice the envelope lol that was a good one ( he did it on purpose haha)
And the cheesy part, is when Max kissed Alice for the first time. Though they always do in their dreams but in reality that was a first one, for me it’s so remarkable.
Their way to Maine was so epic, the alpacas? I adore them.
But when they lost their cute dreams everything changed, I was bit emotional when they fight about the changes. I thought it was the end of Max and Alice. I was emotional because somehow, I felt like I’m Alice (oh you cast some spell on me again Lucy)
The changes because a good thing for Alice, though she find everything hard dealing with reality. Things became ordinary but it a great thing she finally talk to her mother (not in person but through email)
And the ending? Aw its so good! So romantic. I didn’t expect that to happen, specifically when Ali’s Dad end up with Margaret (wondering who is she? Read the book! I’m a total spoiler here now, the author might kill me if I told you about her)





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